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 Just a short note of interest. DURING THE COVID 19 VIRUS event, hundreds of new customers have found my business model for tax preparation is extra convenient. You can avoid the risk of going out to some assembly line tax office. You do your taxes from home with qualified people that can serve you on a personal basis.

  This time of the year, most of our time is dedicated to our tax practice clients. 

  It's really unfortunate, that there are no face to face appointments available. 

  However our Income Tax Preparation services are chugging right along, as usual, for the majority of our clients. We are in our 70's and don't need the extra risk.

But, we will bend over backwards to help you achieve a successful tax season.


  Local customers are always welcome, if you want to drop your paperwork in the inbox at the front door. We are honoring our commitment to our extended income tax preparation hours, during tax season. Read the whole page.


  In the last 50 years, I have established many long-term relationships with patience and understanding; by giving clients' what they want while making sure that they get what they need, with income tax preparation services, and more. That is the reason that a number of my clients have been with me for over 40 years and why we now have customers all over the place.


  Have you ever wondered if you are getting the best results with your income tax preparation services?  If so, the smart thing, is not to give it another thought. It's probably time for a change !!  Check out my references.


  On the other hand, if you are happy with your income tax preparer, then hang on to them. People tell me that a good tax preparer is hard to find.


  That's probably the reason why my practice has grown to be a national practice. Many of our more mobile clients appreciate that there is no change in their tax filing system when they move. The only change that you have to make, is your address.

That's it !!! Everything else remains the same.


  I have been a Tax Accountant and a Financial Planner since 1970. A Stock Broker, Registered Investment Advisor Representative and Wealth Builder.  Helping my clients accumulate and manage money to educate their children, maintain their life style in retirement, and make sure that they get all of the tax benefits for which they qualify. The right income tax profile, can help minimize income tax expense and maximize your growth potential. Reducing tax exposure makes sense.


 With all of the tax law changes it is even more important to make sure that your filing is done right, even if it looks simpler. That doesn't mean that you don't need to be smart about how you structure your finances.


 On the testimonials tab you can see some unsolicited comments from a few of my clients. Some write long letters, and some people just make comments. There are too many to post but all of them are genuine and appreciated.


  My business plan is simple.  "I work for smiles,".  Yes, I admit that on the surface, that sounds a bit corney, until you think it through.  It's a very simple tenet.  When you are smiling, we are both happy. Everything else takes care of itself.


  I never treat anyone like I'm in a hurry. Or rush them out the door. I always have the time of day for everyone that calls.


  So, how do we do business ?  Better than 80% of my business comes to me by MAIL or eMAIL. FAX or SCAN, i.e. ....  Some on my peers are shocked at the number of tax returns that we prepare each year. It's quite a few.
   These days, many of my long-term (older) clients (like me), still prefer me to send them a printed tax organizer every year, to fill in their information.  They still prefer to send their tax documents (photo copies, are smart) in a USPS PRIORITY FLAT RATE envelope, that I pay for, even from local clients. (This is really convenient in the North East (where I'm from) or anywhere else in the country where the weather is ominous during the tax season and your location is considered remote.) Your priority mail envelope arrives here in 2 days from anywhere in the continental U.S. If you are abroad, you can use a comparable delivery service, with tracking and delivery confirmation. Some people that live across town, use the mail or e-mail if they are tech savvy, they scan their docs and stick them in an email. It's quick and convenient, you never have to leave your home or sit in a line, just to get rushed through an assembly line income tax preparation process and out the door. You get very little for your money with those firms, and most big assembly line firms charge top dollar. My prices have always hovered around 2/3 of what a CPA's might charge for the same service.  Many of our newer clients tell me that our rates, are a little less than H.R. Blockade. Even though I have many more years of education that most of my competitors.


 You can FAX your income tax documents or scan and e-mail them to me.  Your income tax preparation gets done in minutes, not days.  Scanned tax documents are the best quality documents for me to work with. PDF files are preferred. Last year, as an example, one Self-Employed client moved from one Coast to the other. She took pictures of her organizer form and tax docs with her iPhone and emailed them to me. It worked fine. Electronic transmission means that you never have to part with your original documents, we both have electronic copies for our files, and that's as simple as it gets. Last year most of my clients chose to received their completed tax files on a DVD. (Or paper if they prefered) That included all of their tax files for the

previous 10 years.


  My type of service makes the tax season easy to prepare for, with our customized income tax organizer form, it's easy to accomplish and electronic delivery, just makes it go quicker. The service is particularly useful to people that live in remote areas of the country. You know what I mean if you live remote in Alaska. We even have a few customers in American Samoa. As long as you have internet service, you can do business with me.


  You can peruse your completed tax return preparation on your computer. Upon your approval, the returns are E-filed. I am sure that my simple system, is why we have clients all over the country. When client's move they don't change their tax prep at all; what changes is their mailing address and nothing more. (Simple.) This is particularly useful if you have a job that requires you to relocate often. (Military Officers are good example.) But some of my clients are news people, actresses, actors, free lance writers, just to mention a few.

  If I prepared your tax returns for 2018 and you would like to have a personalized 2019 organizer mailed or E-mailed to you,  just text my cell at 602-748-3333 or email me at:, I'll get one out to you. 


  If you are a new customer, you can get a blank income tax preparation organizer form right here on my web site. Download and print it; be my guest whether or not you use my services. Use only the pages that you need.  A good comprehensive income tax preparation organizer makes you money, so examine it carefully, use the pages that work for you. (not all pages work for everyone)  Remember, set aside all of the pages that you think are not pertinent, until you are finished, occasionally during the prep process, you will discover that you need another sheet.

 Again, this year I will be a direct provider for the IRS E-file program.  Most registered tax return preparers  must e-file your income tax returns this year. (there are exceptions)  Last year, Federal refunds averaged 8 days and State refunds averaged 3 days.  The current IRS newsletters are estimating that there will be some problems this year. However they are predicting some refund delays for taxpayers that receive some of the larger tax credits. (they did the same thing last year)

 The IRS has published differing time deadlines on some taxpayers again this year. There is no need to delay your return preparation, if you qualify for disaster relief, you can bet that I will get your returnes filed as quickly as possible.
 A word to student income tax payers !  Please Don't Be Taken Advantage Of !  Refund Anticipation Loans are outrageously expensive.  Fees for RAL's are a horrible gimmick.


 Many young people are taken advantage of each year with this "get your money now at the office."  It's the old instantaneous gratification trick. Don't do it!  You may as well go to your local loan shark, as to submit to such outrageous rates. Just file early and use direct deposit! On simple returns, your refunds can come as quick as 8 days. State refunds come in just 2 or 3 days in most States.  And you don't have to pay the vig.  Another word to youngsters, if you are dependent students, don't file your own return without discussing the tax aspects with your parents, they may still be taking you as a dependent student. I'll help you, if you want to call. The implications to your parents can be severe ! I have seen parents loose thousands of tax refund dollars, because Ricky or Rhonda student wanted to get the $75 bucks refund, in a hurry, for beer money. JUST DON'T DO IT !!
  I am a recommended provider by most State DOR's. Check the IRS and State DOR websites for more information.
  Many of my client's liked the Fee Collect Service last year, so it will be available to all clients again this year.  It's simple, the IRS pays me your income tax preparation fee deducted from your refund, at the same time that they process your refund.  You get your refund without delay and most importantly you don't have to worry about paying my bill.  I like it because I get paid electronically, at the same time as you, and you have no out of pocket cost.  That's what I call  "painless income tax preparation".  We will also be offering, on a limited basis, pre-paid Walmart Visa Cards, in the amount of your refund, at no charge.  They are rechargable if want to use the card for a gift after you have drawn out your refund.
 Again, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call, 602-748-3333.  If I can't pick up, leave me a message, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
 Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.  It is my pleasure to serve all of your  financial planning needs, especially income tax preparation, during the income tax season !


Download a 2019 Income Tax Organizer, when available, for your own use, with my compliments whether or not you choose our tax preparation services. Be my guest.







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