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 If you are looking for tax preparation, or need tax matters help, skip to the tax preparation page. It might be the best investment of your time this week.


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 I have been in the financial planning and tax accounting business for over 40 years. 


 We all know that the financial marketplace has become more and more complex.  It is this complexity that has caused confusion in the minds of many people as they try to determine the best way to accomplish their objectives, and that is not easy today, with the variety of financial professionals offering their services to you. Most of them with an axe to grind, or a product so sell.


 With little or no financial planning education offered by colleges and universities, leaving many to learn about financial planning in the school of hard knocks. Many people are confused about the right path to take, and you know what you always do when you don't know what to do. Nothing, until it's too late !!


 My services are designed to help make sense of this confusion and to strike a proper balance in the positioning of your assets, that offer solutions to help you achieve a reasonable rate of return on your assets, while at the same time, provide the tax relief to which you are entitled. 


 Over the years, I have learned what works and what doesn't. My objective has always been to provide: 'Financial Planning That Works' ... through ideas, techniques, and services that make sense, and get results.


 My web site is not intended to be a definitive source for financial information.  I do not believe that comprehensive financial planning is possible over the Web.  Call me old fashioned, but I need to spend a number of hours with a new client, face to face, to come up with a comprehensive individualized solution to their issues.  It is not possible to cultivate this kind of a relationship in a few minutes or entering a series of numbers in a mindless software program that spews out a bunch of boilerplate information.


 That said, I do believe I know what it takes to gain your trust and confidence and how to maintain long-lasting client relationships.  Some clients have been with me for 40 years or more. If you are local, give me call and arrange an appointment to discuss your needs.  Most people feel that "this is the best time that they have spent in years considering anything to improve their family's financial security," whether they choose to come aboard as new clients or not.  If you are not local and have been referred by a client, give me a call.  I can plan to visit with you the next time I'm in your local.


 The web does make it possible, to share interesting ideas.  On my web site, I will attempt to illustrate some of the more popular solutions to particular issues affecting many of my customers.


 One of the most popular issues, has become debt service.  The largest single debt issue that most people have is their home mortgage.  Contrary to what my younger customers thought 40 years ago, espousing the then current philosophy of that day; of being mortgaged up to your hilt. Today many clients approaching retirement agree (including myself) that a fully paid off house is a prudent financial goal for them.  I know how to help you do this in a time frame specific way that can help you accomplish this goal. It's remarkably easy to do for yourself, all you need is somone reliable to show you how.


 A 40-year low in interest rates has caused savings-conscious individuals to look for ways to improve their yields for retirement income. There are a number of ways to increase asset yields. I can help you with that.


 Another topic that affects almost everyone today, is tax preparation.  In the last 43 years I have learned one thing for sure !  If you have the slightest doubt that you are not getting the best results from your income tax preparation firm, you are probably right !  If you are interested in income tax preparation, or have a problem with the IRS and need help, pick up your phone and give me a call.  I don't take every tax matters case, but almost all of the cases I have taken over the years have resolved well.


 I prepare all Federal and State tax returns, on all forms and in all states.  My customers think that my fees are reasonable.  I like to think that I have 43 years of experience in this field, not "1" year's worth of experience 43 times.

  Follow the above tab to tax preparation page for more information.  I think of my tax practice as an extension of my financial planning practice.  Many tax clients have become financial planning customers and investment clients.  I have been fortunate enough to help many people over the years.


 Let me invite you to follow all of the links to information that you want on my site.  I would welcome any questions or feedback that you care to offer about my web site.  Don't hesitate to drop me an email, or use the contact form on the tax page.


 This site is continually changing so book mark what you like and come back as often as you like. It's easy to tell that this site is not a big fancy production.   What it is, hopefully, is some straight talk about simple issues that affect many people and that you'll like what I have to say and
call me when you have a financial planning issue.


 From time to time you can find articles of interest in areas that clients' have asked me about.  Most are of general interest.  I don't plan on reinventing the wheel but I hope you find value in the time that you spend reading.  Don't forget to make suggestions.


 Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I am dedicated to helping you strengthen your commitment to wealth building and to perfect your overall financial strategy !



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