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We have all seen those advertisements on TV.  "Call us" and we will get your IRS debt settled for pennies on the dollar.  Take it from me; it's not always that easy!
I have had my share of small miracles....
In 1995 a very worried new customer came in to the office.  He was going to loose his home if he didn't  appear in Federal Tax Court on Thursday, or pay the $30,000 tax bill that was owed (this was Monday night at 7:00pm).


To compound the pressure on this poor guy, his hands were tied because his company was expecting him to take a red-eye to San Francisco to manage an extremely urgent problem or the company was going to face a law suit that might put them out of business. He was the only person qualified to take care of this problem.


Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes there is no substitute for experience.  When I reached him on Tuesday to report my progress,  I had the action stopped and extended a time to respond and had all penalties and interest stopped.  My client was probably the happiest guy in San Francisco that day.  Now, to give you a glimmer of what this case is about, this man had not filed a tax return since 1992!  Believe it or not these things happen, even to nice people.  When everything was said and done, this nice guy even got a refund!
Another new client had been loosing his tax refunds each year, for a number of years, and didn't know what to do (He was an H&R Block customer).  Obviously, this representative didn't explain about the injured spouse declaration.  Fortunately I have had to deal with this situation a number of times before.  So, in addition to his current filing, I re-filed his previous three years of tax returns.  His total refund was enough to put down a deposit on a new home! He was happy and so was I.
So how do I sell you on the idea of having me help you with your tax matters?  I have no idea!  All I can do is tell you about these stories about people who walked in my door over the past years. There have been a number of them.
So, I can't guarantee that I will solve your IRS problem, like those high powered guys on TV do.  In fact, I don't take every case either.  What I can do, in a short phone call, is tell you if I can help you.  So pick up your phone and give me a call.  My phone number is 602-374-5545.  Tell me your particular problem and I'll let you know if I can help.
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. 


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