Here are what a few of my customer's have had to say:



 And thank you, to both of you !!!  People think I'm crazy for sending my returns all the way to you in Arizona, but I tell them you don't know my guy, he's the best and the only one I trust.  And then I hand them your card?Michelle





I met Bill Landenberger after I had a tax preparer that I knew from work, let’s call him Jeff, do my 2012 taxes and he came
back to me with an outrageous figure of taxes due, $9,300 actually.  I nearly jumped out of my skin!! 

 I considered seeking out a "second opinion" but I did not know anyone and didn't want to just go to any corporate preparer like H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt. Then one day, when I was shopping at my supermarket, a small miracle happened when I saw an advertisement for Bill Landenberger’s tax services on an automobile and I immediately contacted him.

 When I received the tax planner that Bill Landenberger provides to clients, I sensed a feeling of security due to his professionalism. I knew that the cost of $9,300, that Jeff’ told me I owed, was wrong. I looked it up myself. Bill did my Tax Return over and, he figured that I only owed $2,300, a savings of $7,000. I couldn't believe it. 


 I thought the previous guy had botched my taxes, but I didn't realize how badly. Bill patiently and carefully explained where 'Jeff' was mistaken in his preparation, and it all made sense to me. He explained that many inexperienced tax preparers would have made the same error.


 Bill’s preparation fee was reasonable, less than I thought it would be for a guy with his qualifications. He says that he hasn't raised his rates in 5 years because of the economy. (I believe him.)
   I truly recommend my new found friend to anyone. Bill Landenberger not only has a lifetime of experience, but he is also a great personality and I know he will help anyone as much as he can!


Being an elder gentleman, I realize that during your life you only get "the best" doctor or lawyer or dentist once in a lifetime. I would include Bill Landenberger as “the best’ in my lifetime!! Please give him a try and I promise you won't be disappointed!  






"Bill, thank you so much for what you do, especially for the things I never asked you to do. You are amaizing. (Stan)


"Bill, thanks a lot ! I'll never do my own taxes again. WOW! And your fees have been very reasonable.  (Dick)




"Bill, I couldn't believe how much the software I have grown to rely on, was actually costing me money in tax dollars.  I guess that the software was not as smart as I thought it was... What a surprise! Thank you very much." (Chuck)




 Good job. Bill!  I'm happy not to have to try to become a tax expert in a couple of weeks each year.  I feel really comfortable paying your fee and knowing that my income taxes are filed correctly. You can count on seeing me every year from now on!"






My Location is: 44th Street & Bell Road. Go North on 44th Street to E. Danbury Road (3rd Street.) Left and I'm the fifth house on the right. 4350 E Danbury Road.




9:00 AM to 7:00 PM M-F 12:00PM to 6:00PM S&S

Tax Accountant, Financial Planner, Investment Advisory Representative.


4350 E. Danbury Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85032


 Offering income tax preparation in all states and on all forms, personal or business.


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